Exit Stage Left

Oh Jeremy Corbyn.

I’m not chanting this by the way, though I did chant it last week at a Constituency Labour Party social though I wanted to change the lyrics to ‘Oh Angela Rayner’ in honour of her presence at this event. And you’re certainly not chanting this mantra today, just saying it in a weary voice. Why? Because Corbyn wants a hard Brexit apparently and he is no better than the Tories. Oh Jeremy Corbyn.

I have no doubt that you have compared Labour’s manifesto on Brexit to that of the Tories, even though the Tories don’t really lay out their strategy beyond repeating their own ‘strong and stable’ mantra and the need for Britain to stay ‘strong and united’. Because buying the votes from one part of the UK to ensure a supply and confidence coalition is a sure fire way to maintain that strength and unitedness. Oh Jeremy Corbyn.

Lest we forget, May also campaigned to stay in the EU but you seem less concerned with this, even though at the time of her ascension to Number 10, she had a working majority in Parliament and, if she had the conviction of her beliefs, she could have strangled Brexit at birth. Oh Jeremy Corbyn.

Oh and I guess you must agree with arch-Brexiteer Julia Hartley-Brewer who said that there is only one type of Brexit and that is HARD, without nuance or deviation. Oh Jeremy Corbyn.

Yeah and Corbyn may have wowed the crowds at Glasto but he didn’t say what Brexit will do for the kids man, because the Pyramid stage is so perfect for a hustings or a Q&A. Oh Jeremy Corbyn.

Ask yourself one question.

Who called the referendum? That would have been Cameron. Oh Jeremy Corbyn.

Then ask yourself another question.

Who won the referendum? A campaign with links to dark money and Cambridge Analytica’s input (denied by their CEO) to which the legal powers afforded to the Electoral Commission will not affect the outcome. Democracy eh? Oh Jeremy Corbyn.

Then ask yourself this.

How does the leader of the opposition block a government with a working majority (who already had help from the DUP without having to raid the magic money tree) when it comes to Article 50?

So you turn to Tim Farron, who obsessed over Labour’s lack of opposition before he realised that politics clashed with his faith only at the point he realised that the Lib Dem fightback didn’t really materialise. Or you turn to the Greens, who fielded a candidate in a Labour marginal where the local MP was already on the case against plans to open an Underground Gas Classification site in the constituency.

In other words, fuck everything up for the only party that could turn this clusterfuck around. Well done.

Final question.

How is Jeremy Corbyn still standing in spite of:

· a coup amongst his own MPs

· unproven smears over Anti-Semitism & online bullying

· unanimous hostility from media organisations either in the thralls of Neo-Conservative non-UK domiciled interests or Old Etonians and

· those who accuse him of not doing enough to block Article 50 in spite of not having the number of MPs to block it?

You don’t know? Figures.

Oh Jeremy Corbyn.

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