To Be or Not to Be

Morning madness late for school

hating life losing cool

Here’s your bag lunch surprise

hate pre-school last one cries

Gimme kiss I’ll see you later

hafta chat with our creator

Crisp air Nikes lace

(imagination crazy pace)

Quick confession edge of pond

I believe He did respond

Through tired tears’n body sweat

via lyrics first Bette

Love hunger aching need

why’d you leave my soul to bleed

three times round twelve times listen

children know when love is missin’

Saw car took off coat

count blessings beep remote

Rearview mirror weary eye

turn key no cry

Dry your tears I heard Him say

via Bob no yam no dey

Windows open winding road

weight lifted light bestowed

Through the roof guitar shine

via Simon STARS align

Crank'd volume right hand


Sweet reward for time alone

love, forgiveness, mind blown