Something Yummy for Your Tummy

I’m going to start off with a neat little recipe I threw together the other day. Lately I’ve been on this kick…less sugar, less meat, and more super foods. Ok, truth be told, I tried to cut sugar out cold turkey on the same day I went meatless and my insides didn’t like me very much <:0

So, now the goal is a little more reasonable: less sugar, less meat, more super foods (it’s like a mantra, right?). Do you know what your daily recommended sugar intake is as an adult? I bet you don’t.

If you are female, it’s 25 grams (6 teaspoons). If you are male, it’s 37.5 grams (9 teaspoons). It’s trickier for kids. Preschoolers get 4 teaspoons if their caloric intake is 1,200 to 1,400 and if their intake is 1,600, then their limit is 3 teaspoons. Pre-teens and teens have an allowance of 5–8 teaspoons assuming they consume between 1,800–2,00 calories a day. Whew!

That is a lot of info…but I digress. Because this is not a post about sugar. It is a post about my yummy recipe.

So here is my warm parsnip salad for you to enjoy. Parsnips are one of my favorite root vegetables. Highly overlooked in my humble opinion. The super food here is the broccoli sprouts. More to come on those…And stay tuned for a post that delves into the white powdery stuff.

My apologies, for I am one of those folks who doesn’t measure things when I’m “winging it” with recipes!

Warm Parsnip Salad


Fresh Ginger Root
Broccoli Sprouts
Fresh Mozerella Cheese
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil
Black Pepper

Preheat oven to 325. Peel your parsnips and cut them into chunks. Peel and slice your fresh ginger. Drizzle a tablespoon or so (depending on how many parsnips you have) of olive oil into a 9×13 baking dish. Add parsnips and ginger. Sprinkle with pepper. Toss to coat with the oil. Cover with foil and bake approx 40 minutes (or until tender).

While the parsnips are baking, get your sprouts out and wash them. Chop your fresh mozzarella into bite-size pieces. Here is how I make my dressing: in a shot glass (yes, you heard me), I fill it about 1/3 full of olive oil and then I add my balsamic to taste. Some days I want a little more of the sweet, tangy stuff and other days I’m in more of a subtle mood.

When the parsnips come out let them cool, but only slightly. The idea is to add your sprouts and cheese while the parsnips are still warm so the cheese gets a little softer (but not melted!) and the dressing warms up when you drizzle it on top. I also added more fresh pepper on top.

Viola! Simple. Easy. Healthy. Low in sugar. And your tummy will be full.

See you next time.

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