A Review of ICO Hunt — Global ICO Listing Site

Have you ever been looking for where to find a comprehensive list of ICOS on the net? Have you been looking for the statistics of various ICOs to know which to invest in? Then ICO hunt is the best place for you to look to. Credited to be one of the Internet’s top leading cryptocurrency ICO listing site, ICO Hunt is an online platform that allows users both old and new in the cryptocurrency ecosystem to find a list of virtually all initial Coin Offerings going on in the crypto market. This list of ICO provided for by ICO Hunt comprises all ICOs ranging from the ones that have been concluded to the ones still running actively as well as the upcoming ones.

How ICO Hunt Works

To have access to any ICO, you desire to inquire about; a search menu is provided for on the ICO hunt’s website that allows users easily locate any ICO of their choice. Basic information is being provided for about all ICOs listed from the major ones to the ended ones. From this site, you are able to find out the individual activities of each running, ended and upcoming ICO; its uptime and downtime, number of tokens made available to the market, how much has been sold, how much is left, the target amount of each ICO, and the date range which each ICO has been fixed to run. Among other information provided for, includes reviews and ratings of each ICO listed to give incoming users an idea as to the profitability or otherwise of investing in the ICO.

Also, the platform provides a comparative analysis of different ICOs looking at the cost strengths and weaknesses of each one of them and also offering to users correct and helpful information on the exchange rate of each ICO listed.

With ICO Hunt, the crypto market is also updated on the activities of startups looking to make use of ICO to raise funds that will help develop their ideas up until achieving mainstream.

ICO Hunt developed and maintained by a team of experts from different technological areas particularly as it has to do with cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, is a leading cryptocurrency listing site. With a well-structured web layout, that can also be accessible on mobile phones as well, ICO Hunt provides all necessary information on the market’s end, currently running, and upcoming ICOs.

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