FiveStarMiningNetwork , first cryptocurrency token backed by mined cryptocurrency coins.

Without any doubt, cryptocurrency mining is getting more profitable than ever, and expansion in this sector can be seen day by day. FiveStarMiningNetwork platform executes a new token sale, where FSMN coins will be bought back from investors using profits gained from cryptocurrency mining process.

The public token is created to overcome main cryptocurrency issues like “scam coins” “huge price drops” “investor investments not gaining profits” and “fraud”.

Overview And Concept

FiveStarMiningNetworkis a public ERC20 token that focuses mainly on cryptocurrency mining. It is intended to be used as the startup for mining and future services.

FiveStarMiningNetworkis tokens will be used to trade at the exchange and cover fees for future services that FSMN will provide, ico listings ( live on the website ), own exchange, crypto coin advertising, all that using FSMN coins to cover fees.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to have a token that is actually backed by mined cryptocurrency to avoid token itself losing value.

As cryptocurrency mining is expanding at high speed, and at year 2017 revenue made by mining cryptocurrency been over 15 billion in the total market, we aim for having 5% market share by the year 2021.

Central Goals

  1. To develop coin that is backed by value.
    As nowadays many of new cryptocurrency gains millions on pre-sale and crowd sale they still tend to lose value in next couple months and its big issue for investors, we will cut this problem out as mined cryptocurrency coins will provide value for the token.
  1. To build multi-functional site and provide more than one service
    The FiveStarMiningNetwork goal is not to stop by achieving one target, we aim to provide a list of good services that are currently growing and fill gaps while there is low demand. The launch of own exchange and coin listing service will be a good addition to success.

The Team

Founder & ceo
  1. FiveStarMiningNetwork is at its early stage of looking for investors and currently, the only team member is CEO and founder . Once investments will come, the team will be expanded with a high range of professionals, currently working on a search of partnerships. A slow growing community will unquestionably detonate in value once people will discover more about this project. FiveStarMiningNetwork is by far the BEST ERC20 cryptocurrency on the market.

Pre-sale starts 1st September 2018
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