A New Look for Five Talents

To celebrate our 10th birthday in the UK, Five Talents has launched a new brand identity. Stuart Palmer, CEO, Five Talents, explains the thinking behind the new look:

‘Our old logo has served us well for the past 17 years and, through the imagery of the cross and compass, has helped put us on the map within the Anglican communion. But, as we look ahead to the next 10 years we recognise the need to engage with a wider group of supporters if we are to fund the significant programme expansion we have set our sights on. This means we needed something distinctive and memorable to convey a real sense of the aspirational, self-sustaining nature of our work.’

The new logo has been designed to convey that Five Talents does far more than offer simple microfinance. It reflects the empowerment that Five Talents has brought about internationally over the past 17 years with its programme of financial literacy training, business and spiritual guidance offered within a unique framework of self-governing trust groups.

The logo was created on a shoestring budget in a tight timetable via the innovative crowdsourcing website crowdSPRING, which allowed the Five Talents team to choose from over 60 designs put forward by an international group of professional designers. A small group of committed supporters kindly funded the work on the website upgrade and branding refresh. We are most grateful to them.

‘We’re really pleased with the way our new logo shows intertwined arms from which two hands open to grow five leaves (or talents),’ commented Sue Johns, Director of Operations. ‘The imagery embodies the collective nurturing and transformation that we offer.’

Sue also points out the importance of retaining reference to Five Talents’ Christian roots and ethos through the use of the cross in place of the first ‘T’ of Talent. ‘Doing this reinforces our faith but in a subtle way that speaks of the inclusiveness of our work which is open to all faiths and none,’ she explains

‘The reaction we’ve had so far from the people we’ve shared our new look with has been fantastic,’ concluded Stuart. ‘And we’re looking forward to moving forward with fresh impetus.’
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