What’s Going On?


Are you willing to assist in the event of an unholy emergency?
  1. With OTT services like Netflix, Amazon working with so many production partners, we’ll now see where the most vulnerable links are in the content making supply chain and shows get stolen and leaked. (Interesting that Netflix does not negotiate.) [NFLX stock up another 522% today on the news.] Related, I’d forgotten that Major League Baseball’s “Advanced Media” group handles streaming for the likes of HBO, but it seems like they take security a little more seriously. OINTB is one thing, but can you imagine what would happen if Game of Thrones leaked early? Bedlam.
  2. Bloomberg has become Twitter’s first partner in creating a platform-exclusive 24/7 news feed. Will this be a proof-of-concept experiment-slash-vaporware, or will people care? The tragedy of Twitter Inc. controlling such a natural, necessary platform in the world, with migraine-inducing product development incompetence remains . . . tragic.
  3. The biggest issue our society, and economy, will have to wrestle with in the next few years: How to evaluate and regulate burgeoning digital monopolies like Facebook and Google. The inherent problem is that politicians, economists, and the like are slow to understand what’s at stake, and what these companies have already changed (ahem, taking almost 90% of digital advertising spending). But always remember: Platforms are companies, not communities.
  4. An interesting package from every (?) writer at NY Mag trying to outline all of the various forces, many of which are social & digital, of the loose amalgamation that is the “alt right”. Unfortunately for us, it exposes inhabitants of the real world to fanboi illustrations like this:
Actually kind of hilarious as a manifestation of a red-pill fever dream.