Teruntuk Ryan

Lembang 2016.

I still remember the night you told me your letter of acceptance has finally arrived in your mailbox. You said your parents and girlfriend were both asleep, and I happened to be up an hour to midnight, to hear the great news. “I owe you a lifetime,” you said again, concluding your text. That was one of the proudest moments I have of you, among our almost a decade of friendship.

What I did not tell you about that night was– I cried. I cried my eyes out, my brother thought something was wrong. Nothing was, of course. It was almost the opposite for you. I, on the other hand, cried for all the selfish reasons. Thinking this city would be less festive without you. I know you’d say we don’t always see each other everyday, but to me, the psychological comfort knowing you at least only one phone call away calms me after the hurling storm settling back to Indonesia. After all, you’re my Ry, one of my best friends, my favourite person. Seeing you less than that is almost unspeakably impossible.

(Although I know circumstances lately have made us slightly different, drifting farther from the familiar mould we used to be like. That’s why it has been rather difficult accepting all of those, but at the back of my head you’re, or more like we’re, still the same.)

As I might have mentioned over and over, you are entering one of the best times of your life. Cherish it. Savour it. Embrace it! I hope all of these will get you one step closer to your goal, whatever it may be. I am sure, without a doubt, you will do great. Tiny emotional bump is alright. Set your mind on that, and let Universe take care of the rest. Go to Amsterdam’s City Centre, near the gift shop, adjacent to the old Victorian church-like building, watch street performers plays his guitar. Breathe. Everything. In. Do it for the stories. Write it down. Start the writing thing you’ve always wanted!

I know that you just took off but I am eagerly looking forward to see the bigger, better version of you. When you come back you know where to find me. I will be right where I am now, and the first days of high school when we grew closer over Pee Wee Gaskins.

Take a good care of yourself, and those around you, too.

Yours truly,


Yours truly,


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