Brother Botero (1)

A different look at the works of Fernando Botero
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Yesterday I took a metro
going towards Parque Antonio
I was actually looking for your own
But I was almost lost.

Man on Horseback. photo: ©Fiyin Kolawole, Dec 2016.

At the park, there were many people- eero- from all over the globe
Walking, roaming and snapping,
But I was almost lost.

Today, I’ll tell you what I think
Just like my people say and sing-
“When you see an elephant, it is what it is- an elephant”

Waking Sleeping Venus photo: ©Fiyin Kolawole, Dec 2016.

“Taaba rerin, ka sọọpe a ri erin!”

Personally, I like your sculptures,
They are confirmation that
the wonderful things in life
Aren’t as wonderful at all.

They are all abstractions from reality.

Of course even, Accidents can be
the very font of the little ideas
That make a Botero.

“Enito gbin opo irugbin o ma mo eleyi tomaa wuu o!”

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Words in italics are from the Yoruba Language

Por fin, Botero usa ropas (at last, Botero wears clothes). Hombre y Mujeres Vestido photo: ©Fiyin Kolawole, Dec 2016.
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