Why we choose profit
Jason Fried

A brutal and unnecessarily profane take on business profit. Through the the harshness of the narrative, I sense there is something decent in this (I’m British, decency counts!). Have Andrea and Ann seen their fair share of the profits or has Jason burnt his FU money – in any firm, the founder’s vision is only ever realised by the people working for them; they literally do stand on the shoulders of giants? If Jason has showered his people with loot rather than odure, all credit to him and more leaders should stand in his shoes and follow in his footsteps. If, however, he’s exercised the mushroom approach to leadership, then the article is just another fable of greed that eats away at the purer aspects of capitalism set out by Adam Smith. I suspect there is a purity at Basecamp not least because one of those named individuals has been at the firm 17 years. Is the real, positive moral of the article that CFOs (and much of the accounting professions – add lawyers in there, too; the Eagles sang a good line about that profession) are unnecessary and don’t add value?

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