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Dear Chi,

My opinion will probably be as unpopular as yours. Altought it was interesting reading your point of view, it made me realise we’re way behind the point I intensily hoped we were.

Because there is no “my pain is better than yours”; pain is pain and it’s the same for everyone. Maybe some people during that march did not behave has you wish they would, but this is out of your control. What you can still do is standing by their side because of such differences and thus enhancing the unity and support between each others.

There is no argument people are still oppressed, there is lack of rights, etc. But until we do not start defining ourselves as Human Beings and rising above labels and tags we give ourselves to define who we are and our sense of belonging to a certain community or history, we will stand separated.

And this will weaken the women you stand for, the ones you don’t support, and everybody else who is willing to fight for an equal society.

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