The Gone Girl

There was a girl in your life that went completely unnoticed. You had no idea she was alive, even when she no longer wanted to be. You knew nothing about her. She walked around with a smile on her face and a knife in her back. She had been betrayed. Betrayed by her own body, her own mind, her own thoughts, her own emotions. The knife stabbed through her heart, and the pain remained there for years. Eventually, like the venom from a snake bite, the pain spread like wildfire. It infected her mind, weaving its way through her thoughts and severing her lifeline.

You didn’t know anything about her, and that was her intention. She hid the knife behind a forced smile. If anyone knew about it, would they care? Perhaps. Did she want them to? No. She did not. They would probably ask her to fight, something she new she couldn’t do. She had no fight left. It was a war she could never win; a series of endless battles that would chew her up and spit her out like sunflower seeds. The seed would hit the ground and remain there forever until it was swept away, never to be seen or heard from again. Out of sight, out of mind.

But then the infection worsened, and it burned its way into her dreams, and not only forced her to lay awake at night but made her paranoid during the day. Soon the knife was embedded so deep that it could never be removed. Her struggle to stay alive might as well have never existed. You never knew anything about her, until there was nothing more to know.

Soon her existence was nothing but an empty desk and a cleared out locker. The invisible girl had become the gone girl, an inevitable fate that she always saw coming. What if you had seen this girl? What if you had seen the knife in her back? Would her desk be empty? Would her locker be cleared out? Would the knife’s point have dulled until it could have been removed?

I supposed we’ll never know.