Anger and Frustration

Attempting to reign these to aspects of ourselves proves to be as easy as breaking a wild stallion. Your heart, your emotions, they run wild with anger and vengeance when you feel you have been done wrong. When these two emotions rule your mind, it is difficult to see anything beyond that.

Giving into anger and frustration, letting them run wild creates a circle of the same thing. These two emotions hinder us and the mission that we are trying to accomplish for ourselves.

These two emotions stem from not knowing. Not knowing how something is going to turn out, creates panic. Our life and the preservation of what we love is so vitally important, that the illusion of losing any of it makes us instantly hostile and combative.

The challenge of life is to recognize how poisonous the dark side of us is. Learning how to tame anger and frustration and placing ourselves firmly in reality is a life long challenge.

Sometimes, all it takes is a friend or stranger to tell you, I understand.

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