Do Startups Have a Drinking Problem?
Sarah Jane Coffey

Your story, and that of some of the commenters, is an eye-opener. I’ve served in the forces, where I considered a drinking culture to be prevalent, but we never mixed work and booze, apart from coming in with hangovers in the morning.

I’ve worked at a startup where there were beers in the fridge, but it was rare for them to come out before 4pm, and even then, they weren’t very popular due to needing to drive home. Other than that, work culture, at least in the UK and places I’ve worked in Europe, is for max 1 beer (but preferably a soft drink) with lunch, everywhere I’ve worked.

One of the upsides I have noticed is the increasing popularity of alcohol-free drinks. Products like Becks Blue and Erdinger Alcohol-Frei are great and becoming common even in bars where you’d think twice about asking for them.

All the best.

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