On This Foundation, I Am Found

365 Writing Challenge, Day 31

“I would like a little respect around here. I built this home.”

“Yes, but you haven’t visited in so long. I can barely remember your name.”

“Still, these walls are mine, and these windows too. I crafted each with loving hands and heart.”

“When you left, I had to make it my own.”

“You had no right to change it. I expected it to be the same when I left it.”

“You broke my heart when you left. I rebuilt it, and this home, piece by piece.”

“I expected you to wait for me.”

“I did — in dreams and in waking. I waited for you until I lost myself.”

“And then?”

“And then, I found myself, brick by brick, moment by moment, breath by breath.”

“I thought you would want me to come back.”

“So did I. But now, I don’t. I wish you would leave.”

“If I go, I’ll never come back.”

“You were never here to begin with.”

Prompt: Write a piece that is entirely dialogue. Here is a beginning line: I would like a little respect around here.—From Patchwork Farm

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