My Message to the Left
Madeline Merritt

Good article. A very mature, forward-thinking outlook. I don’t agree with a lot of your socio-political inclinations (which isn’t to suggest I was a Trump voter), but I whole-heartedly share your call to open dialogues with others (especially those we disagree with) and focus on building our nation and our world as a team.

It won’t be all kumbaya like that, but it has to start somewhere.

That said, I hope you’re weathering the Trump administration OK. I don’t think we’ll see dramatic rollbacks in social progress, although I am concerned about regression on reproductive rights and criminal justice reform. Otherwise, Trump is the first president we’ve had who came into office supporting LGBT rights, so that’s encouraging. He’s kind of a loose cannon, so I hope he doesn’t do something unforgivably stupid that gets us nuked off the planet, but otherwise I think Ivanka is a strong moderating influence on him and his narcissism may work in our favor as he seeks to be liked by the nation rather than just the extremist wing of the GOP.

Best wishes. :)

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