Hey everyone,

Its been quite some time since we last made a medium article but this one is regarding our plans moving forward

We currently have an in-game gameplay trailer coming out on 15th Feb 2022 but that is not indefinite could take a couple of days after or before.

FlappyDoge Progress

Hello everyone!

What a lovely Christmas we had!

Now it’s time to work, we got some amazing information regarding what is going on for FlappyDoge.

  • Firstly, we got the cinematic trailer which is around 95% complete and ready.
  • Secondly, we got AMA’s with Chinese communities as well as several twitter and telegram influencer for January alone
  • Thirdly, we have github showing our whitepaper. Which we plan to showcase our characters, explain the NFT marketplace , NFT leasing technology, Dao voting system in greater lengths.

We got some more stuff that’s happening that we have not updated,, but our strong focus right now is holder count which we want to increase to 10,000 ASAP.

We are the only community in this crypto space with Unreal Engine technology, low market cap and with a real long term goal and vision!

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TOKEN LOCKING on FlappyDoge, LPs and Exchange

Good evening to all the holders of FlappyDoge after hearing your voice of concerns regarding the deployer wallet which owns a large % of the tokens we are proud to announce that we locked

72,783,272 FLPD tokens or 15% of that wallet.



FlappyDoge family,

An upcoming update on our cinematic trailer is here, we are expecting a scheduled release for 30th December. However we do want to inform you guys that is not definite but we are ahead of plans as usual.

We will later on next…


Dear Readers,

On this medium article we will outline our marketing strategy for FlappyDoge

Marketing Strategy

At the current time of writing, we are running coin-sniper ads as well as trending on Reddit for the next two weeks.

As you saw, we got listed on CMC in…


FlappyDoge ($FLPD) is a Blockchain-based, Play-to-Earn game for IOS/Android! FlappyDoge is also our first step in building an IOS/Android Gaming Ecosystem

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