Parking Is Key to Unlocking the Smart City

Jan 14 · 5 min read

FlashParking’s Mobility Hub Operating System delivers 21st-century parking to transform isolated parking assets into connected mobility hubs

In the last decade, the parking industry has been disrupted from every direction with the launch of ride-sharing services like Uber, the rise of e-commerce with Amazon, the explosion of dockless scooters with Lime, and the emerging shift to electrification driven by Tesla. That level of disruption is the new normal with autonomous vehicles and smart cities set to further change our relationship with parking.

At the beginning of this massive societal shift, FlashParking’s founders set out to build an operating system that could be customized to manage the complexity of a modern parking asset while evolving that asset into a next-generation mobility hub with:

  • Cloud-based architecture to avoid costly upgrades and instantly deliver new functionality
  • Mobile-first management to maximize visibility and provide convenient operational control
  • Bluetooth communication capability to enable a frictionless consumer experience
  • Simplified USB-based hardware to minimize downtime and service costs

This week we announced a $60 million investment to accelerate our vision and transform the future of parking. By aggressively scaling our parking technology, we will catalyze the evolution of isolated parking assets into connected mobility hubs that are more efficient, intelligent, and adaptable versus garages and surface lots of the past.

Mobility hubs will work in conjunction with other elements of the smart city to ease congestion, organize the cluttered city landscape, and allow all stakeholders to benefit from a new mobility marketplace for business and consumer services.

A New Type of OS: Mobility Hub Operating System

Built for existing parking infrastructure as well as newly constructed assets, FlashParking’s Mobility Hub Operating System is a cloud-based platform that sits at the intersection of our core competencies: enhanced parking, business intelligence, and ecosystem extensibility.

FlashParking’s Mobility Hub Operating System sits at the intersection of our core competencies.

Our model for expanding the capabilities of garages and lots starts with the industry’s most sophisticated suite of enhanced parking technologies, designed for operational and experiential excellence so owners and operators can lower costs and increase capacity. We have seamless integrations with the most advanced parking technologies (eParking reservations, LPR, AVI, etc…) to customize any operation.

Your entire parking operation can be managed through our robust business intelligence engine that provides real-time visibility and data-driven insights across parking and mobility services to unlock valuable efficiencies and inform long-term strategies to facilitate exponential revenue growth.

FlashParking’s open-API platform also allows your parking operation to go beyond parking and easily access our mobility ecosystem of top-tier partners that will maximize asset value and unlock new revenue streams through integrations in the transportation, logistics, and mobility services.

With the help of FlashParking’s Mobility Hub Operating System, your parking portfolio will become key to smart city infrastructure and the parking space will become multi-modal and connected, allowing you to diversify and increase revenue, maximize asset value, and future-proof your operations.

The Role of Business Intelligence

The future of business is undoubtedly data-driven. And while data collection, processing, and even analytics can be automated, making decisions requires real people exercising real judgment. We don’t believe mobility hubs will be fully automated. In fact, FlashParking believes that operators will become even more valuable as key managers of connected mobility hubs with FlashParking providing the needed tools and acting as a partner and guide.

In Q2, FlashParking will roll out our Business Intelligence engine that allows asset owners and operators to manage their entire parking operations from a single management platform. As the industry’s most sophisticated business intelligence engine, this will be the most capable platform for empowering operators.

FlashParking’s Business Intelligence engine will allow asset owners and operators to manage their entire parking portfolio from a single platform.

Decision-makers can view KPIs at the portfolio level if they are managing multiple operations across the country, focus in a specific city, or dig into data at a single garage to see real-time and historical comparisons on:

  • Occupancy (Daily peak occupancy by ticket, daily entries and exits, daily average occupancy duration, etc.)
  • Revenue (Total revenue, total transactions, average revenue/ transaction, revenue by ticket, transaction by ticket, etc.)
  • Equipment health
  • Mobility services
  • And much more.

From introducing dynamic pricing to recognizing new opportunities to maximize occupancy, operators equipped with FlashParking’s data intelligence will have the power to boost — and create — sources of revenue.

Tapping into the Mobility Ecosystem

With more ways to get from point A to point B than ever before, the parking garage needs to serve more than just parked cars. Our operating system was designed with ecosystem extensibility to enable parking operators to seize partnership opportunities, create new revenue streams, and help all players in mobility (both old and new) thrive alongside each other.

For operators to take part in the mobility ecosystem, they need:

  • Yield management capabilities
  • Value-added amenities like EV charging, cleaning, and servicing
  • Integrations with transportation network companies and micromobility options
  • Logistics and delivery access points
  • Connected parking technology for frictionless access and better wayfinding
  • Modern mobility services like autonomous vehicle access and eParking reservations
With FlashParking’s Mobility Hub Operating System, asset owners and operators can offer parking plus mobility services to their consumers.

FlashParking is delivering these valuable tools today and putting them directly in the hands of operators and asset owners. In the coming months, we will announce new partnerships with transportation, logistics, and mobility companies that are leveraging our platform.

The future of mobility isn’t coming, it’s here. And with our Mobility Hub Operating System, not only are we offering asset owners and operators a single management platform that will maximize parking asset value and diversify revenue, but we are also ensuring that they are indispensable as cities become smarter, and more efficient with parking infrastructure at the center.

To learn more, visit our website or sign-up for our webinar “Is Parking Dead? How Mobility Hubs are Reviving Garages and Unlocking the Smart City.”

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