Want to Code Faster? Timebox Impediments
Cory House

I not only agree with you, but laugh at the hypocritical outcries over the past year concerning the hardships faced developing for the web in our animated ghost-DOM world.

Egged on by biased social feeds of which I abhor for the same reasons as Angela Merkel, rarely a day goes by where a title to the day’s top “curated” stories does not contain some reference to fatigue.

Bemoaning the pace rather the appreciating its accomplishment, many in the web community seems to neglect the fact that the breaknek pace of change has only occurred because of, and not at the expense, of how wonderfully vibrant the community that they inhabit. Learning, growing, and creating together through a journey that seemingly imbibes its members with some natural inclination to pay it forward, I still marvel at the level of discourse & group problem solving shared by complete strangers in Github repoes.

And don’t even get me started on StackOverflow, et al, which is one of the coolest and most underrated communities that is also entirely unknown to those not initiated. I can’t figure some random problem out? Just post a question to Stack, & bam, within an hour, I will have answers from usually more than 1 person, who I’m sure we’re once in a likewise situation. Most people will only be able to dream that their profression of choice had that level of personal 24/7 support.

In fact, the only reason I don’t use it more are the very active users who seem to believe it their mission to mark your question a duplicate, even though you truly still can not see the supposed answer. The world would be a much better place if these “do-gooders” could be retasked to police places like Medium, where they could stop people from writing the same generic tutorials over, and over, and over… I know I’d rather be required to stumble through a thousand likewise questions posed with minor variations than continue to be bombarded with the endless stream of articles that, despite being unambiguously entitled “how to create a React app / setup treeshaking in webpack”, merely scratch the already so heavily marred surface of topics without mention of more nuanced difficulties that the author’s god damn checklsit could ever see to. No one is choosing major frameworks to build checklists, and people–likely more authoritative than you–have already hit us over the head with their checklists, so can we please move on?

I digress… go web?