Resident Evil 7: Just The Right Amount Of Scares.

I recently picked up Resident Evil 7 Bio hazard. I dedicated a good week to trying to finish the game. Here are my final thoughts. The game starts off with a dark and eerie vibe, the likes of which have never been present in a Resident Evil game. However, as the game progresses it loses the jump scares and terrifying empty rooms in favor of a classic Resident Evil experience with a first person twist.

If I were to compare this game to any other game in the Resident Evil series. (and i will)It feels like resident Evil 1 but from a first person perspective. The slow controls makes fighting enemies difficult but not in a way that feels cumbersome. When enemies move faster than you can react, this gives you an opportunity to use the newly added BLOCK BUTTON! Yes, this game allows you to block incoming attacks, you will still receive a bit of incoming damage but, it’s nowhere near the hit you would take without blocking.

The inhabitants of the “farm” are constantly stalking you. Some sections of this game have the same feel of Alien Isolation, a great game in its own right. Often times it is better to avoid fights with the Baker family (if you can) it’s a waste of time and precious ammo. When it comes time to throw down with the family members in unavoidable “boss fights”. The fights are graphically stunning and game-play wise immensely pleasing. Fans of the franchise will find this a refreshing take on the classic horror genre, it feels fresh and new without diverting too far from the classic puzzle solving, mansion exploration of the previous games. Over all i give this game a 10/10. Past the break I’m going to share a couple of my favorite moments from the game *****SPOILER ALERT*** You've been warned, spoilers below.

Boss fight with one of the more annoying members of the baker family.

It’s never good to be a lone deputy in a horror game.