3 easy steps for a personal renaissance.

New restart for a cultural change in Europe.

This is a photo elaborated by myself , with some tricks, the subject started to recall me as an eye of the soul. And also for a friend of my, look like an eye pupil. Something that is watching at our soul. So I call this work: Eye pupil of the soul.

Try to think, on this fact. Not all the humans are aware of the existence of this element, someone as spent all his life unaware of his presence or started the discovery, after many years. But if you believe in the soul and if you choose between the good and bad, you have developed your personal eye pupil of the soul.

I wrote an article, over a restart of a personal cultural renaissance.

That start from 3 easy steps. the first is that one.

My article in my Blog is write in Italian, but you can use in an easy way, a service from Google Translator inside my page. Just scroll down the article till you find the window Google Translator and insert your preferred language.

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Flavio Fassio researcher of new art territories, through the use of multimedia tech. digital.

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