New Creativity on #Instagram in Mobility.

Am outside of my study, am in another location, and I can’t work as normally I am doing with the painting made by the use of my new tech. the “Painting of Transformation”.
Fortunately, I have discovered in the last months the use of #Instagram and most of the App. that are surrounding his world.

This is made by me for doing some art writing in favour of such Amazing App. I call it : I Love #Instagram.

So I have developed a sort of new tech. of photography, bringing some experience from my new concepts of painting.

The following photos are developed by me using just a smartphone, and the #Instagram App. the core and the auxiliaries.

So before to proceed to look at the photos, try to think just a minute about that: The entire process got to take considering from the shooting of the photo at his transformation in art, and at his sharing with the Socials takes sometimes less than a minute.

With this type of timing in mind, “less than a minute”, let’s have a look at my new speedy art.

Title of the photo: Traffic of fishes torpedos.

Title of the photo: Celeste point for the routes of the space.

Title of the photo: Recall of Paris.

In the case you like my art, to find more, and continue to look at new art with other 7 inedit Phoyos, please select the following box, to get into my blog and continue to read the full article.

When you will into my blog, please try to scroll down the page till you find the window :”TRANSLATE” and insert your preferable language for reading.

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