The Horrible People.

This was painted by Flavio Fassio inside #immateriale arte project. It’s an Ayurvedic Machine to free yourself from the negative influence of the Horrible People. Translation of the bottom writes of the Picture: Machine built within twelve months of the year starting from January on the top, and December at the bottom.

I’ve been thinking of building this Ayurvedic Machine to help you get rid of the bad influence of the Horrible People that sometimes happen to meet in our path of life.
The operation of the machine is very simple as you can see it is built on twelve months of the year. So you have to place it your finger in the black hole at the current month and here download the negativity that Horrible People try to sharing on you. let’s trying to use it. I normally frequent the Socials platforms, it’s quite easy to meet some Horrible People. Sometimes I can not avoid or disable them before they appear. When the Horrible People try to poison our lives with their stories and their thoughts of hatred.

My reaction is very simple, I do not do anything, I do not answer their provocations. By downloading the negative energy they are trying to induce in me in the predetermined black hole depending on the current month in my Ayurvedic Machine.

So I come back to live my passion without being influenced by the negativity of others, their bad reasoning, and their heads locked in such heavy jails. That they can’t keep their neck straight, curved as their bad influence.

“To download the negative influence of the Horrible People, try the wisely use my Ayurvedic Machine, it works well !!!”

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