Morning glory — 5 easy steps to start a powerful day

I hadn’t blogged since 22013. and back than I had just a few intro posts since I couldn’t find enough time to write between my work and college obligations, having all those excuses that you can come up to. So I decided to sign up for Natalie’s blog challenge and to try to change my daily routine in order to post every week.
Today’s post is about my morning routine that I started to practise a few months ago, and I find it very good for a powerful start of a day.

Growing-up I wasn’t a morning person at all. I didn’t understood the importance of an early start of a day. Would stay up all night. working or studying and sleep over most of the morning, thinking that during the night I have the most productive hours — it was quiet and there were no distractions such as phone, coffee meet ups and whatever. When I started to work for my first company I had to get up early and to change my routine, it was very challenging and hard for me to get used to. But I realized that I am actually enjoying getting up early and plan my activities for the day over my first-half-of-liter coffee.
Just few months ago I have changed that routine and added this few steps before the coffee (amount of magical drink remained the same).

Five easy and quick steps for successful start of a day:

1. Getting up by 7am and preparing my Taheeboo tea (amount for a whole day — I am bringing it with me in a shaker). This tea rejuvenates the body, gives it vitality and strengthens the immune system. I feel energized all day no matter how many thingsI have to do. You can choose any detox/energy tea/drink you like or even flawored water.
2. Since I have extra 20 minutes till Taheeboo is done, I do a quick set of exercises (20 jumping jacks, 20 pushups, 20 squats, 10 jumping jacks, 2 min plank than stretching), but you can do whatever suits you better.
3. A cold-warm-cold shower, it brings back my energy and shakes my blood stream in a healthy way. Wakes me up much better than coffee.
4. Having my oat meal with protein powder and one seasonal fruit, while I am waiting for the coffee.
5. Checking my notifications and answering the most urgent ones and adding items on my to-do list if needed by 8:30am.

So, that’s my powerful “morning glory” routine that I am practising. — and it feels good!

You can write me your feedback or yours morning routines in the comment area, will be glad to hear all about it. ☺

That’s all folks until the next Monday!

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