Parking at #TCDisrupt 15

So, today is the TechCrunch Disrupt and we are participating in the Startup Alley! If you want to check the online stream you can go here:

On the subject that concerns us. If you are driving to San Francisco you are probably going to experience something like this:

But that is not all ! Once you get there you will have to fight to find and get a good parking spot in the city. Our friends from Lux Valet are doing a great job and offering their services to a limited amount of drivers that want avoid the hustle of finding parking!

Please don’t try to go by yourself and park in the jungle of San Francisco. It can get really annoying and scary. Kind of like this:

If you need parking please check our website: and register your space or find a parking spot. We are having a great referral mode where you get $10 and your friends get $10 with just a couple of clicks!