Parking, Dreamforce and heavy traffic

Surrounded by people that love data, let’s put some numbers in perspective:

San Francisco Population: 815.234

Dreamforce : 150.000, this is an increase of 18.4%


But let’s go deeper into how this affects transportation. We are in the home of Uber, Lyft, Luxe, Zirx, Fleck (and great public transportation as BART and CalTrain). Let’s get some numbers in cars and stuff:

If there is an increase in 18.4% of the population, assuming everyone is staying in San Francisco, due to the great after office parties that are host because of Dreamforce, what will happen to traffic? and housing?

Let’s see what people say on twitter:

Our friends from Luxe Valet :

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If you want to thanks those responsible for all this traffic, go here:

Also, if you want to read a great piece on what all this craziness created in 2014, GigaOM wrote this:

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