Marcus Oliveira Spiegelma

Before we can even censor anyone, the content is already censored for us. The algorithms and those in power do the job for us. We live in a bubble. So do we even really see things that we disagree with? I’m not so sure. What one’s social media feed looks like is very different than another’s, and even more so if you are coming from different worlds. Of course you can always find differences if you are looking for them, but you don’t have to and in reality I guess most people don’t. So, yes we should communicate, but the question should be rather: how can we achieve communication throughout today’s social media that goes beyond the bubble and allows for each other’s voices to actually be heard, listened to, and communicated?

The internet may be a nasty place, but if we wake up we can also start to question why that is so and start to understand the larger consequences — not just deal with it.

This isn’t something new, and there are many articles out there about this, but this recent one in the Guardian is quite relevant to this conversation.