Genius Hour Online/Proposal

  1. Photography Blog: The main idea of my project is to create a blog that showcases photos I have taken over the years, and the story behind the photo.
  2. Research other types of blogs/websites to find inspiration. Research types of photo editing software
  3. First, gather any pictures I have taken that I want to include in the blog. Then, research what blogging site or website creator that will work well for me. (Wix)

Class period 1- Research blogs and websites to find inspiration; Create a Wix website and begin finding a layout that works for me; Begin personalizing the layout

(Ouside of class- gather photos)

Class period 2- Finish personalizing layout; begin rough drafts of blog entries on photos

Class period 3- Finish two blog posts and start organizing photos with blog posts

Class period 4- Finish two more blog posts and upload with photos

Class period 5- Finish the rest of blog posts and upload with photos

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