Eight Google Chrome Search Hacks that Change Everything for Windows and Linux Users!


Here are some amazing search hacks from Chrome Help that you can use to improve and optimize your experience as a Google Chrome user:

1. Customize your Chrome experience by using “Keyword Searches”

With just a few clicks you can activate this function! Here’s how:

First open Chrome and right click the search bar on the top of the screen. Then press “Edit search engines…

Then select the website you want to create a “Keyword Search” for and type your keyword of choice, then press “Done”:

(As an example I changed “www.twitter.com” to simply “twitter.”)

Open a new tab and type in your keyword, the circled prompt below should show up. Press “Tab” once you have opened a new window:

Then search for whatever it is you would like to find on the website. I chose “puppies” as an example:

And there you have it! You have just found what you were looking for on a specific website without having to visit both the browser main page and the website main page:

This search hack for finding information quickly is really helpful and easy to use! It is excellent for websites like Wikipedia and or Kijiji, as it allows you to jump to the information you want to view right away!

2. Press “Ctrl” and then any number between 1 and 8 and Chrome will jump between the tabs that you have open:

This is an example with just six tabs, Chrome will let you navigate two more with the “Ctrl” function.

3. Search almost instantly from inside a web page:

To do this simply highlight a word or phrase that you want to look up and then right click on the highlighted text. Click the “Search Google for…” option as indicated below:

Then enjoy your results!

4. Prevent pesky pop-ups from ruining your browsing experience as described here by Chrome Help:

It’s that easy!

5. Save a page you like, or want to find again easily:

Do this by pressing “Ctrl” and then pressing the letter “D.” Or to save all of the tabs that you have open as bookmarks, press: “Ctrl” then “Shift” and then the letter “D,” this will allow you to find the websites again easily at any time!

Customize the name of the Bookmark(s) and then click “Done.

6. Navigate to the top or bottom of a page quickly:

Do this by pressing “Home” to go to the top of the page, or “End” to jump back to the bottom of a page:


7. Make the text on a page larger or smaller for easy reading:

To do this simply press “Ctrl” and then “+” or “-” to make the text on a webpage larger or smaller. To reset the webpage to its original formatting, press “Ctrl” and then press “0

This feature is great for everyone, especially if you hate reading small font!

8. Search from anywhere on a webpage instantly:

Simply press “Ctrl” and then the letter “K,” this will allow you to start a new search instantly as displayed below:

This is a simple and easy to remember function that allows for optimal use of your search time as a user of Google Chrome.


It is my hope that these eight search hacks will help you as much as they have helped me. I would also like to note that there are many more search hacks and Google Chrome tips available to all Chrome users in Chrome Help. The tips available in Chrome Help provide instructions to both Mac and Windows or Linux users. I would encourage you to take a minute and look into the many search hacks available to all users if you found the ones I explained today helpful.

That’s it for fletcherized thoughts this week everyone, make that sure you optimize your Chrome search capabilities and don’t forget to look up.