It’s More Than Just The Hose! — Quality PTFE Hose Suppliers

  • PTFE Hose

Stainless steel braided PTFE hose is one the best choice when it comes to choosing a chemical hose. There are many benefits such as the durable corrosion resistant non-stick inner liner. There are added benefits such as the ability to handle temperatures up to 450F. The stainless steel braids gives additional hoop strength to the hose as well as the ability to take pressures up to 3,500 PSI. There are also higher-pressure PTFE hose assemblies that can handle working pressures up to 5,000 PSI.

  • What is the quality of the material?

While PTFE hose is a great choice for many applications, not all hose assemblies are made the same way. Quality matters for these types of products and it is very important that questions are asked before placing a order with a vendor as these product are made to order. It is important to ensure that they are using quality grade of stainless steel end fittings such as 316 or 304. To ensure that you are getting this, ask for a material test repot. This will allow you to trace the material back to the origin and have record to protect your company and investment. There are many competitors that are offering the lowest cost on hose assemblies. One of the key ways to cut cost for suppliers is buy using lower grade of material or imported fittings, which can be purchased at a lower cost. PTFE hose is not the cheapest option when choosing a hose so it’s important to make sure that quality grade fittings are installed so that the hose assembly could get a longer cycle life.

  • Is the hose assemblies tested?

PTFE Hoses assemblies are very durable. A tested hose assembly allows you to ensure that the hose will work in production as well as decrease the chances of a leak. While the crimped or swaged process was effective, there could still be a pinhole leak in the hose. To catch this the hose supplier could test the hose assemblies before shipping it out. This will decrease the chances of a leak and decrease your production downtime. It would be a good choice to work with only companies who test all of their hose assemblies. It will decrease your production down time as well as cost and liability.

There are many things that make hose suppliers differentiate themselves so try not to always pick that cheapest option and consider the quality and liability aspect of the hose assemblies. It is important to pick a supplier that test all hose assemblies, uses quality grade of materials, provides material certificates, and ships the products in such a way that it protects the hose and fittings. Pick the right supplier that can do things and more to increase your production output.