Life Is Today. Right Here. Right Now!

Leila Khan is all about making things happen. She believes we need to dare to realise our dreams and importantly that we can do it.

We asked Leila what enticed her to leave teaching and become a coach and mentor and set up Life is Today Academy.

What inspired you to start your own business?
I was inspired to start my own business after I felt that I had come to the end of my teaching career. I was working 70–80 hours a week and I was no longer enjoying what was my passion and vocation. I also felt like I didn’t want to follow rules set by others i.e. what to wear, what time to work, which then dictated when I could go to the gym, go on holiday, be spontaneous about living etc. 
I wanted the freedom to decide what to wear and to break the invisible financial glass ceiling.

What were your business struggles that you faced?
As a business owner, the struggles that I faced were not having a network and being completely unknown in the business world in Glasgow. A few other challenges were feeling like I always had to be ‘doing’ and I kept learning how to prioritise myself by ensuring I had these things in place; sleeping well, eating well, exercising and meditating.

What would you suggest to any mum wanting to take the plunge?
I would say DO IT
Listen to your intuition every step of the way and put your mental health and physical wellbeing first. Allow yourself to be creative and think differently to others as you create a business that serves you, as well as others

What are the top 3 things about being your own boss?
Great question!
1. Peace of mind-that I am on the right track and being of service to thousands of people around the world by being myself

2. Confidence that I know I am using my full potential to it’s fullest, and there is always so much more to come :)

3. Happier relationships with those that I love and care for because me being at peace, means they are happier!

Who is the most inspiring woman to you? 
Hmm, such a tough question!
My mum, Oprah, Queen Rania of Jordan, Lisa Nichols, Angelina Jolie, Malala Yousafzai. All of these women have been through incredible hardships, yet they have found great courage to be true to themselves and be of service to other girls and women around the world.

Tell me a bit about your business…
I am an author of three books, a soul-awakening speaker and the creator of The Trailblazers Mentorship. I work with entrepreneurial women who are stuck in a rut, stressed about balancing family and career, and they want to be more confident, authentic and motivated. Amazing women!!

It’s been an incredible journey and I have really enjoyed seeing how my inner vision is coming true. Since 2013, I have been awarded Outstanding woman in business which was awarded on merit of my blogs, social media presence and consistent client testimonials.

I also recently published my third book 101+ Ways To Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles! A Guide To Handling ANY Problem With Ease. I’ve shared the same stage as Tony Robbins and spoken on stage to nearly 2000 people at the National Achievers Congress. I’ve also been featured as a guest blogger on numerous websites across the world, and am regularly interviewed for Youtube channels and a speaker on stages around the UK, and America via live link.

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