People and Potential

Nicky’s passion for training and coaching has always been led by her desire to support and inspire people. She passionately believes that the secret to every successful business lies with its people.

Nicky Lloyd Greame

What inspired you to start People & Potential?
As a single parent it was important to me to find a way to be there for my daughter as much as possible. I also wanted to do something I loved and that made the best of my experience. I experienced a few health problems 
in the early days of being a single parent and did not want to resort to medication so spent a lot of time learning about other ways to help me with my anxiety, stress & depression – and realised there wasn’t enough help out there for people like me… so once I figured out how to get myself back on track – I built on my training and started helping others. My business was born.

What business struggles did you face?
I’m sure most people had the same – Money (that was the main one), Confidence – especially at first, and finding clients. I’m great at what I do with clients – finding them is a whole other skill set which brings its own challenges.

What would you suggest to any mum wanting to take the plunge?
Spend some time finding something that you will really love – otherwise when things get rough (which they will – they do with every business) you will give in – whereas if it is something you really do believe in, this will pull you through. Starting my own business was the best thing I ever did, and I believe there are lots of mum’s out there who it would work for as it does give you that freedom to work on your own terms.

What are the best 3 things that being your own boss has made to your family life?
Freedom & flexibility running my own time table means that I don’t have to fit with a typical 9–5. It works around me and more importantly my daughter
I never have to worry about school holidays or if she’s poorly – I can always be there.
I’m doing what I love – which makes me happy – and my daughter benefits from this – she much prefers me to be happy
My health – I no longer struggle with mental health issues – and that’s HUGE
Hypnotherapy, Coaching, NLP the many modalities at People & Potential

Tell us more about People & Potential
I help individuals and businesses (teams) understand more about stress, anxiety and depression – how it effects them in all areas of life – work and home – and how you can proactively build you resilience. I teach them how to effectively manage their stress & anxiety. How to help those around them who might be struggling and generally how to lead a happier, less stressful life.

If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, contact Nicky Lloyd Greame to see how she can find the right tools to help you.
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