Tap into the Power of Peer Support

Doing this Together (Kaboompics)

How did you make the jump? How did you know that starting your own business or changing your career was the right thing to do r?

I’ve been asking many mums and first-time business owners these questions. Thankfully, I have found a common thread.

The glue, the foundation, the secret source to making that shift for those who that have sussed out what they want, succeeded and persisted with their goals are the ones that had support or sought support.

We need each other to make it happen. It can’t be done alone. This has been the common consensus. Research shows that we feel more confident and are able to accomplish more in groups.

Celebrate the highs with others

There are a wealth of groups out there. It’s particularly encouraging for those self-employed or working remotely, it can at times be isolating. Having networks of people is a chance to connect, encourage and share the highs and the lows. There are many positives. So, what kind of groups are out there, and what are the most beneficial to your needs at this stage in life;

There are specific professional focussed groups whether legal, financial for women returners

Coaching groups: Whether group coaching or individual, coaching can help you if you are about to embark on a new career, and need a confidence boost, help with your CV, they can inventory your skills and talents and ask questions that expand your thinking.

Mentoring: This can be a valuable enabler to learn from the wisdom and experience of other parents who have experienced the tensions of a demanding business.

There are Lean In Circles throughout the UK. The theme is based on Sheryl Sandberg’s groundbreaking book, Lean In, small groups provide a space for women who can meet regularly to learn and grow together. Looking at the statistics these groups are changing lives. There are 33,000 circles in the world in over 150 countries, 85% of members credit their Circle with a positive change in their life.

Also have a search on Facebook groups and Meet Up groups there are a wealth of groups, many that are local based too that are very supportive.