This one I choose because “nephilim” implies that Dalloway is, herself, some form of part-angel who has been cast down and sullied by the trappings of the world. I
I’m thinking that The Hours would work as Fates of the Trinity, since it works with the three women…
Alan Sherrod

Can you say more about this idea of Dalloway as part-angel? It’s intriguing to me because I sometimes find Clarissa difficult to consider a sympathetic character — certainly a conflicted one and that’s why I enjoy revisiting her so and noting how her struggles can mirror my own at different points in my life (being a teacher has its advantages like that) — -and it seems a fallen angel has something to that. It seems that Lucifer, for example, becomes that much more the sympathetic figure through the lens of Milton as a slighted victim rather than a vanquished enemy.

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