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2 min readMay 17, 2019


Flight API

FlightsLogic provides Flight API, Airline Consolidator, Flight Aggregator to the travel agents, tour operators and travel companies worldwide.


FlightsLogic Global Airfare APIs

FlightsLogic Global Airfare APIs connect you to the finest information in the travel industry. You can now build, innovate and launch your web and mobile applications with our Flight API. Inspirational search features combine our Global Airfare APIs with your existing travel offering to complement your product range.

Choose the right offer for you

The global B2B airfare consolidation and fulfillment platform of 900+ airlines worldwide offers you unparalleled content from multi GDS, LCCs and more.

The Flight API/ XML web service solution allows you to build high-quality applications from the world’s leading airfare consolidator.

Pre-integrated All-In-One suite to automate the travel booking process all the way to the distribution and fulfillment process.

Discover Our Flight APIs

Whether you are a startup or a leading brand, FlightsLogic API allow you to develop top quality applications. This makes it simple to build exciting tools that open up multiple travel search options to your customers. Discover how quickly you can build and bring new apps to market with our Enterprise APIs. Build your air-related application using FlightsLogic API. From search, including low fares, to ticketing, find all the web services you need to fulfill your online travel brand needs. Discover the new possibilities our Flight API v5 brings!

To know more about us, please visit https://flightslogic.com/. and email us at contact@flightslogic.com




FlightsLogic is a dynamic group of professionals, the pioneer of Global Airfare Consolidation. Suppliers from 100+ countries, airfare inventory of 900+ airlines