Feeling Berned Out: How I Went From Loving Bernie Sanders To A Lukewarm Indifference
Faruk Ateş

I agree with you pretty much but you are a little to PC for my tastes. Let’s face it you can’t blame Bernie’s supporters for being passionate and same for Hillary.

But I do take issue when politicians come out saying one thing and then do something else. Bernie has already started that trend. I remember clearly when he said during a debate or town hall interview that he would never go negative on Clinton. The last couple weeks his campaign has gone way negative. So I guess it’s OK to basically turn around and do exactly the opposite of what you said you would do as long as it placates your supporters.

Bernie’s campaign has actually turned me off to certain things that I thought were non political such as Greenpeace. Since when did they get into the partisan politics game? A couple weeks ago I got a very disturbing email from them bashing Clinton with that video of her that we have all now seen shouting down some poor Sanders supporter. Guess what I’ve unsubscribed from Greenpeace as I think they are WAY out of bounds supporting one candidate over another. Nice Job Bernie. May be you could get me to unsubscribe from ASPCA or WWF next.

Also when he says “have I mentioned her emails much” or “have I mentioned her wall street speeches much” or “Bengazi” as he did in a recent interview it makes me wonder just how stupid he thinks we all are. YES BERNIE YOU JUST DID TWO SECONDS AGO!!!!

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