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Neither of them are New Yorkers and I’m not either. I live upstate so I guess that doesn’t count if you are only talking about NYC. I was born and grew up in Jersey but I fell in love with the Hudson Valley and never went back. In any case I’m not sure why it should matter who is the real New Yorker. Also your veiled attempt at being non partisan has failed miserably for those of us that actually care one way or the other. I would also say that the more important question for Newyorkers should be “Which of the two candidates is the real Democrat?” Because here in New York state we only allow registered Democrats to vote in the Democratic primary.

One would think that Bernie’s more lunch bucket blue collar tag would give him the edge there because the Corporate money hungry people are usually thought of as leaning more Republican but I would say not so fast…. You see I just got back from the polls and didn’t see any young people there at all. So where were all the Bernie Bros’. I’m guessing that a lot of them are not registered democrats and can’t vote today anyway. In any case the majority of Bernie’s nineteen year career in the senate was spent as an independent. It was only recently that he decided to become a democrat and make his bid for the white house. I would say to Bernie that if he want’s the Democrats to embrace him he better start acting like a democrat. Instead of attacking the people that are raising money for the democrats, he should be doing some of that himself, since clearly if he wins he is going to need a few more democrats in congress to even be able to get a vote on any of his policies.

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