Killing Freemium is the Worst Thing for Artists
Cortney Harding

Nothing you have said makes any difference. Streaming music makes zero money for independent artists. That’s right zero. Unless you think 90$ for 1,000,000 streams is real money. Most independent artists are excited to get their song played 100,000 times so they can see that it is getting played and heard, but as far as getting paid for streaming music…….no there is NO money their for independent artists. But what about the 9$ you say. You can take that and shove it. ALL the streaming services are rip offs that do nothing for artists but destroy their ability to make a living. We recently received a report from a music distributor we work with that showed over 39,000 plays on you tube for various artists for which we were payed 11$ dollars and we never even bothered to collect. This is coming from an artist and musician that actually has to try to make a living in this environment not the tech bloggers and pundits that THINK they know what the reality is for musicians. We as artists would all be way better off if Youtube, Spotify, Pandora and the rest of the streaming services would just die. Yes let the pirates take over at least they don’t pretend to be helping musicians whilst destroying them totally legally.

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