The day I became a millionaire

Pirated software is stealing from the people who originally created it and tried to make a living distributing it. You should keep that in mind when you ride in your new car.

As far as I’m concerned Sean Parker helped to ruin the music industry and should be in jail instead of a billionaire.

Jeff Bezos created a company that pays no state sales taxes and puts mom and pop stores out of business daily.

Mark Zuckerberg stole an idea and then knifed his friends who he founded the company with in the back. (They deserved that for having helped him to steal the idea.)

Steve Jobs was great motivator and created great products but the bottom line is that his most important invention was not his. The mouse and user graphical interface were stolen from the Xerox developers that were stupid enough to trust him and his team.

Bill Gates then did to Steve Jobs what he did to the Xerox developers so Steve found out that karma is a bitch.

All of these people (with the exception of Sean Parker) were good people with good ideas that did what they had to do to become successful. I’m sure you are also a good person.

The point is that if you cannot find peace and be content with financial security and a several million dollar bank account then the chances are there is something bothering you. If you find that no matter what you achieve it seems that the grass is always greener then I would suggest you look hard at what you did to achieve those things and if you can’t see anything you find abhorrent than just enjoy your life, and please don’t keep telling the rest of the world your take on being happy. Just because you have millions doesn’t mean you are qualified to advise people on how they should perceive life.

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