How to Prevent New York From Becoming The Bitcoin Backwater of the U.S.
Brian Forde

This sounds a lot like what they told us the internet would be all about. Enhancing the human condition through technology in an unbiased and equal opportunity platform. Bullshit! Google Facebook and the other monopolies in cable and broadband providers have already brought us half way to creating a permanent underclass of society that thinks that government regulation is evil while at the same time turning the great internet revolution into nothing more than another corporate greed grab bag. While they confuse you by discussing the pros and cons of controlling all your private information, they continue to gather up more and more of it. If you look at the numbers like sane economists do you can see that we are entering into an era that looks similar to what happened just before the great depression when the ruling class controlled a much higher percentage of the wealth of the world. The internet has not helped the middle class one bit and continues to rip them apart from the inside out without their understanding and or consent. There was a reason for anti trust laws and the great monopolies of the internet revolution have completely run rampant and uncontrolled. Without having to pay taxes and putting small businesses out of business they are worse than the robber barons of the early twentieth century. Bitcoin and digital currency is the final nail in the coffin of middle class as they turn something that anyone can understand (money) into yet another hazy technological breakthrough controlled by a select few ruling class that will no doubt use it to control every last dime of GDP.

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