Can You Teach a Coal Miner to Code?
Lauren Smiley

“Trainees would be paid $15 an hour, which came from federal funds pumped through a regional economic development agency.”

“The federal government has pumped nearly $23 million into the region in the last two years to diversify the post-coal economy and retrain miners into jobs like installing broadband fiber.”….hmmm .

You know what? Coal is the worst way to make energy. I’m sorry that the truth cannot be avoided. It seems that Bloomberg did these guys a favor by questioning their ability to adapt. I’m guessing that hasn’t changed the way they feel about him. Pretty sure the Federal government is going to get no thanks for their assistance here. Don’t know why it was that bitter dislike for some pundit who wears a suit and has fat bank roll is needed to motivate someone. There is a lot of negative stuff in this reply…yes but there is a lot of negative stuff in this article that is masked by some blue collar romanticism.

Guess what we’ve all had to suffer through the economic meltdown. Why do the good folks from Kentucky seem to have such animosity towards east coast liberals the silicon valley and environmentalists? It’s not our fault that coal is the dirtiest form of energy, we just want to breath clean air and keep the polar ice caps around for a few more decades. I don’t know many people that spend much time pigeon holing the folks from Kentucky as “Hill Billies”.

Also, “We just don’t want all the notoriety to give the false illusion that we developed all the skills.” Pardon the pun but that is code for “We don’t want anything to do with the Federal government.” Well….,except for the part referenced here in those first two quotes.