Who the Hell is Benjamin Hardy?!

OK so I have been on medium for a couple years now and for some reason they continue to send me recommendations to read this guy Benjamin Hardy. Basically a self help guru. You know, the guy that tells you the five things you need to do before breakfast so that you will make a million dollars that year. I’m not sure why the fuck medium keeps sending me this guys dribble but I can’t seem to find any way to set my personal account to block him or even know if I have followed him or not. I don’t know how to unfollow people and I’m pretty confused about the whole purpose of Medium at this point. Boy I sure would like to know how to block this Benjamin Hardy guy though! I mean if I see one more essay on the twelve things you need to do before you go to sleep I may never sleep again. Why do people that are rich and successful think that they are somehow qualified to tell other people what they need to do every second of the day after they wake up and before they go to bed anyway!?

The only time people have ever read my stuff is when it is a response to the writings of some other person. They seem very interested in my comments, but not on my own thoughts. May be Benjamin Hardy would like to comment on this article so that I will suddenly be a successful blogger, even though I have no interest in becoming one. So exactly how much time does one need to spend adding hash tags and meta data to their work so that the internet bots will even see that it exists anyway? If it’s more time than you spend actually putting down your thoughts, what is the fucking point ?!

You can consider this a desperate cry for help. A message in a bottle. A message that says, please can somebody tell me how to not receive anymore essays from people who are successful writers that write the most boring shit I have ever read in my life. It’s quite frustrating to know that some have made a living by basically boring the shit out of people for years, and for some reason despite the fact that I rarely even read their dribble, it continues to show up in my email week after week. Is it something I said? Is there some reason medium continues to force feed me this crap. I feel like the guy in “Green eggs and Ham”. No I don’t want to read Benjamin Hardy! Not in my mail, not in a jail, not on the scale, why must I rail! I do not like this Benjamin and though he may be a fine person I care not. Not for his words, not for his blurbs, not for his blog, snap off a log I would rather not read this Benjamin!

So there you have it. I’m sure that nobody will read my rantings unless I cut and paste it into a response to some other writers crap. May be I should do that to Benjamin Hardy after all it’s his fault I just wasted an hour of my time writing this train of useless thoughts. However if any one should read this and feel the slightest bit of sympathy for me, please respond with some advice on how to fix my personal settings in medium such that I shall never have to see the ramblings of Mr. Hardy in my in box again. Thanks in advance.