FlipNpik is proud to promote local.

It’s what we’re all about, but we also want other locals to be your local — so we’re going to share some amazing places with you that might be on somebody else’s doorstep, but reachable if you ever happen to be in town or planning a future visit.

Discover unique local shops all over the world by using FlipNpik and unearth amazing and exciting discoveries. Find new concept store, unique products or fun places to spend time with friends.

Here are the top 5 local businesses to discover on FlipNpik.

  1. London, UK: I Can…

A belated but very Happy New Year to everyone!

The New Year brings with it new challenges, new ideas and fresh impetus for the months ahead.

FlipNpik continues to expand and branch out with new merchants, users and ambassadors joining our ecosystem every day across the globe.

Exciting times indeed!

We are thrilled that the FlipNpik token (FNP) is set to be listed on major exchange platforms this year. This is a vital step in our expansion with the token tradable and therefore useable within the Ecosystem for goods and services.

Using our token within the Ecosystem helps contribute to…

A guide to find the best local gifts near you for your loved ones.

The festive season is well and truly upon us and the true spirit of Christmas is sharing good will and being among loved ones. It is also a wonderful opportunity to support your local traders and, in turn, your local community. A vibrant community is one that is packed with thriving independent businesses, restaurants and cafes. By spending your money with them, you’re actually doing a wonderful thing for the place you live. Many great things, in fact. Statistics prove that buying local has far-reaching effects…

Christmas is just a few weeks away and that could mean travelling around to family and friends or shopping expeditions in various locations.

It’s also the perfect time to use the FlipNpik app to find places recommended by the local community that might have otherwise slipped under your radar.

Think about it — how often have you been on holiday abroad and found a local bar or restaurant where you’ve been told ‘the locals go’? …

The FlipNpik ethos is centred around empowering local businesses and communities to come together, collaborate in a mutually beneficial relation.

Born out of a desire to change the status quo, think outside the box and create something vibrant and fresh. Yet the FlipNpik values are very traditional, knitting together local communities and businesses and placing them at the very heart of their platform and combining innovation with social media and cryptocurrency. It’s all about shared value of users promoting the places they love in their community and receiving benefits while the businesses gain greater exposure as well as quality content…

FlipNpik (FNP) are quite rightly proud of the team driving behind the collaborative social media platform forward.

There is a truly international flavour to FNP operations with offices in France, Singapore and Switzerland and an eclectic mix of talented professionals from across the globe.

CEO Henri Harland has built up a vast amount of experience over the past 40 years and was the obvious man to lead FNP.

A Canadian by birth, Henri’s entrepreneurial skills marry perfectly with an impressive list of achievements which include an actuarial science degree and an MBA in Finance. Henri founded Neptune Technologies and…

For those unsure how to dip into the cryptocurrency world, FlipNpik’s new app is the perfect solution.

It takes a few seconds to download from the App Store and, of course, is completely free. Once you’ve done this, you can begin to do something no other app offers to the user — monetize your social media activities.

Social media have revolutionized how we share images of the things we love and want to recommend, but while they have been a runaway success, there is no reward for the people promoting restaurants, shops and businesses and none of it is particularly…

Businesses offering coin sales has become more common over the past 18 months, but FlipNpik are rightly proud that the FlipNpik (FNP) is different in so many ways.

The FNP token will underpin the entire platform, performing both a social and financial role.

FNP aim to encourage local communities to patronise local businesses with the overall plan to make the FNP a widely adopted trading currency used to pay for goods and services on the platform and thus create an all-encompassing local economy.

Premium services will also be available for businesses to purchase.

And it doesn’t end there. The FNP…

Few would disagree that cryptocurrency is here to stay. It will change the way businesses operate forever. Using the blockchain technology for our platform will provide the tools for local businesses to have a cheap and efficient payment channel for both online purchases and in-store transactions.

It also allows us to create a hybrid infrastructure that records transactions that can be registered on a secure public ledger for greater transparency. Once the transaction has been made, it is accessible for scrutiny. All network participants will share the same documentation instead of individual documentation and any amends can only be processed…

Securing great partners is key to FlipNpik’s long-term vision and expansion, but our vetting process is vigorous and we only team up with fast-rising, vibrant brands that can benefit our users and businesses.

We are proud of the four partnerships we have signed over the past few months, all of which fit our criteria perfectly and will bring great value to the ecosystem we are building.


Looking at our four partners, Vexanium’s Vex Wallet and Airdrop will enable FNP to distribute vouchers and create FlipNpik airdrop tokens — we’re proud to be the first company in Europe to collaborate…

FlipNpik Worldwide

A Blockchain-based collaborative social media tailored for local businesses. Website : http://flipnpik.io

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