Patent Troll? Patent Aggregator? Patent Packager? How Patents Effect Technology

There is a new game in town and it is about CREATING OPPORTUNITY not blocking opportunity. To understand opportunities created by patents, versus opportunities limited by patents one needs to understand the different labels within the patent maximization industry.

First, just being involved in the monetization of patent industry requires one to be both crafty and cunning, but able to a capitalistic chameleon and able to change ones “colors” as the opportunities arise. Here are the definitions one should know:


What is a patent troll? In pejorative usage, a patent troll is a person or company that attempts to enforce patent rights against accused infringers far beyond the patent’s actual value or contribution to the prior art. Patent trolls often do not manufacture products or supply services based upon the patents in question. Basically, patents to stop opportunities and force payment of penalties and such.


This market I understand well, since my last platform portfolio sold to a patent aggregator. So what is a patent aggregator? The patent world is quietly undergoing a change of seismic proportions. In a few short years, a handful of entities have amassed vast treasuries of patents on an unprecedented scale. To give some sense of the magnitude of this change, our research shows that in a little more than five years, the most massive of these has accumulated 30,000–60,000 patents worldwide, which would make it the 5th largest patent portfolio of any domestic US company and the 15th largest of any company in the world.

In short, buying up patents to use to get companies to “join the club” and take a “membership” in the company who is collecting the patents and then all “collectively” enjoy the protection of the patents. In many ways, this scooping up of patents helps protect very large entities from patent lawsuits.


Litigation costs are going through the roof! See Chart:


Call them Patent Heroes or Technology Heroes.


If Patent Trolls are the scourge of the tech world, and patent aggregators in a way inhibit patent innovation, then patent packagers are the heroes of the business and technology world.

Understanding one can either use patents to fight or start legal wars, or to create and leverage strategic business relations, thus patent packagers rely on “creating opportunities” rather and “stifling prospects”.

Here is how a packager works.

A Professional Patent Packaging Firm combines the forces of innovative visionaries who have been through the patent process, with highly successful patent attorneys in drafting and filing patents and patent litigators. Then the patent packager further combines those with business leaders, thought leaders and marketing and operational leaders to create a package of patents; a portfolio of patents which can then be sold off or into existing operating entities seeking turn key opportunities.

A Professional Patent Packager works on several premises:

  1. Innovation can become stagnate within successful and particularly large companies, and;
  2. To innovate, many times the best innovations come from outside the corporate entity, and;
  3. The internal costs of brining a patented product to market for large corporations can be very costly, however;
  4. If innovation occurs outside the company confines, then many times the patents, products and ideas can be perfected much better than within the corporate environment.


When the Patent Packager walks through the corporations door it is not to serve legal suits, but to bring all the perfected pieces together and offer these “new ideas”, “new business units” or “new revenue streams” to the company, already perfected and protected.


When the Patent Packager walks through the door the innovative idea has been vetted, patented usually with significant patent portfolios following the “platform” and/or “picket fence” patent strategy model and the branding, marketing, strategic partnership and revenues have been perfected.

It is a ready made and ready to deploy and maximize business model

Patent Packagers eliminate the need to fight over patents and instead seeks to prefect the financial windfall from the next technology or business “new-new”