Flipagram Introductions: Sam Ciurdar!

Sam Ciurdar is a Southern California based filmmaker and photographer. He caught our attention with his insanely cool flipagrams! Sam has been such an inspiration to the Flipagram community, not only with his beautiful stories, but with his positive messages. We asked Sam a few questions to get to know him better and we’re excited to officially introduce you all to him.

Flipagram: Your flipagrams have amazing images in them. How did you get into photography?

Sam: I got into photography by accident actually. My first “love” and passion has always been films and making them. One year, the Canon 7D was released, and the era of filmmakers using DSLRs was just starting — so I jumped to using that camera to make my films. Slowly I was realizing that I don’t need to use this camera just for video — and started experimenting with photography. I already knew composition from all the films I’ve made, so I really started looking for my style when it came to photos. Been doing it ever since!

Flipagram: Are you a photographer full-time? What’s a typical day like for you?

Sam: My full-time “gig” is a filmmaker / photographer. I work with a lot of brands who have those kind of needs. My “niche” is taking their product on my adventures and capturing them in those settings. It’s a lot of fun as it enables me to travel often with my wife! A typical day is waking up, sharing a cup of coffee with my wife, and editing photos or videos in my office — when I’m not traveling!

Flipagram: Speaking of traveling, what’s your favorite place that you’ve traveled to?

Sam: Alaska, without a doubt! We flew up there and met with my aunt and uncle who were road tripping through Alaska. They picked us up from the airport in their 8 person RV, and we started exploring immediately! We spent a week trying to see as much as we could! The sights there are stunning! BUT, we are going to Iceland towards the end of the year — so this time next year, my answer might change!

Flipagram: When you’re not photographing beautiful places, what do you like to do?

Sam: I love creating stories, so I try to work on film projects as often as I can, but other than that — I like to hang out with some friends, or enjoy a nice day out with my wife and dog (Charlie) when we can! My wife is my best friend, so it’s fun to just go on coffee days or go to a movie! I also love to play sports, not all sports, specifically Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee!

Flipagram: If you could send a message to all of your followers on Flipagram, what would it be?

Sam: You have a voice. Whether it’s 2 people or 1 million people who are listening, thats your audience to impact. What you say and do matter. We live in a world that could use more love and compassion. Use your platform to inspire hope, love, and compassion. Live by example, be the change you hope to see in others.

Flipagram: Thank you so much Sam!! Are there any other fun facts about yourself you want to share with our readers?

Sam: A random fact that’s always fun to share is that I was on the TV show Wipeout and won!

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