50 Favorites from 2016

With 2016 behind us, we asked a handful of editors, photographers and employees to name their favorite article, photo, video or podcast created in the last year. We then flipped everything into one Flipboard Magazine:

Here’s a sampling of what’s inside…

“Baton Rouge killing: Black Lives Matter protest photo hailed as legendary” by Jonathan Bachman
“For symbolic reasons, [I picked] Jonathan Bachman’s image of the protester about to be arrested by police officers in full riot gear. There are so many good things going on in this image. The contrast between the softness of the young African-American woman in the flowing dress and the hardness of the armored police officers. The warmth of the right side of the image, with green grass and color, and the coldness of the left side of the image with gray skies. In many ways, this is as symbolic as the man standing in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square.” — James Ken Colton, Editor-at-Large, ZUMA Press

“My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard” by Shane Bauer for Mother Jones
“This article is dark. It’s raw and real and illuminating — and it provides a window into a world the public doesn’t see very often, if at all. These kinds of in-depth investigations have grown increasingly rare, so when they do happen we should celebrate them and support the organizations behind them.” — Madison Kahn, Anxy Magazine

The Boy in Aleppo Photo by Mahmud Rslan/Anadolu Agency/Getty Image
“This is a still from a video of the little boy stunned and bleeding in the back of an ambulance after an airstrike in Aleppo. Shot by the Aleppo Media Centre, this video and image horrified people everywhere, putting a face to the devastating Syrian war.” — Sharon Yi, Editorial Director, MyDomaine

“Here Is The Powerful Letter the Stanford Victim Read Aloud To Her Attacker” by Katie J.M. Baker for BuzzFeed
“The letter from the Stanford rape victim was incredibly powerful in both its prose and its effectiveness in setting off real changes in the way we talk about rape and how we prosecute rape cases.” — Connie Wang, Fashion Features Director, Refinery29

“An American Tragedy” by David Remnick for The New Yorker
“This piece ran the morning after the election — in other words, it ran at just the right time. David Remnick put into words what millions of Americans, including myself, felt but couldn’t quite express coherently that dismal morning, and it was subsequently shared hundreds (thousands?) of times. Proof that there is comfort in words, in solidarity, and in shared emotion.” — Faith Xue, Editorial Director, Byrdie

“Snap Judgement with Glynn Washington”
“Snap Judgement Host Glynn Washington understands the power of storytelling and brings the most amazing storytellers to his stage for live performances and studio recordings. It’s an NPR radio show as well as a podcast. I listen to it in podcast format mostly, and I recommend it whenever anyone is looking for examples of great storytelling. Also, my 10-year-old son loves this show — in fact our family can’t get enough of it!” — Dylan Tweney, Founder, Tweney Media

“Donald Trump: Spiritual Teacher in Disguise” by Patricia Pearce for Huffington Post
“A very eye-opening and enlightening way to look at all that is going on in our country and world…Well written and just really stuck with me.” — Erica Simone, Photographer & Writer, Huffington Post

“Jonathan and Aaron and…” by Michael Rosenberg for Sports Illustrated
“If anyone can understand how Aaron Hernandez went from NFL stardom to life in prison for murder, it’s his older brother, Jonathan. Michael Rosenberg’s SI longform story on Jonathan Hernandez dives into the brothers’ relationship and how Aaron’s conviction has a profound effect, personally and professionally, on Jonathan.” — Ryan Hunt, Managing Editor, SI.com

“Girl on a Bus” by Ashley Killough for CNN
“This piece follows my friend Ashley Killough, who covered the 2016 election and Trump specifically for CNN. Producer Jeremy Moorhead so perfectly captured Ashley’s dedication and integrity that were on display daily for CNN’s readers and watchers, and the personal toll of the cycle on this elegant powerhouse.” — Gabriella Schwarz, News Editor, Flipboard

“The Japanese Pro Wrestler Who Almost Got Muhammad Ali’s Leg Amputated” by Dexter Thomas for L.A. Times
“When Muhammad Ali passed away, the world mourned. But this surprising little gem of a story made me smile. As a mixed martial arts fan, I was surprised to learn that Ali was a participant in one of the first-ever MMA battles. Author Dexter Thomas takes us through how the fight came to be and how the fight itself unfolded, round by round. It’s a story about the kind of man Ali was and a tale of how a friendship was formed.” — Claus Enevoldsen, Head of Performance Marketing, Flipboard

“Lemonade” by Beyoncé
“Lemonade by Beyoncé is a strong but devastated woman’s rollercoaster tale about looking inward and standing up for herself. The music itself is a soulful masterpiece, and the visuals are simply and utterly captivating.” — Laura Mason, Managing Editor, Fest300

“Oh Boy by Man Repeller”
“Oh Boy by Man Repeller, Leandra Medine’s wildly popular website, is at the top of my bookmark list for its playful and humorous approach to high fashion. So it’s no surprise that MP’s podcast Oh Boy — with its candid and open chats with influencers and inspiring women like Emily Weiss and Garance Doré — is a must-listen as well.” — Bobby Schuessler, Fashion Director, Who What Wear

“The Nightly Show — Neil DeGrasse Tyson Slams Flat-Earth Theorist” for Comedy Central
“The famous astrophysicist came to the rescue when The Nightly Show declared a science emergency: rapper B.o.B. had claimed the Earth was flat and that he had ‘photographic evidence.’ Tyson effortlessly debunks B.o.B. and bemoans the anti-intellectual tendencies in our culture today — then drops the mic. ‘And by the way, this is gravity.’ It’s several genius minutes showing the triumph of intelligence over ignorance.” — Carol Mangis, Managing Editor, PC Magazine Digital Edition

“Keepin’ It 1600” by The Ringer
“‘Keepin’ It 1600' is a great take on national politics in a year that was utterly off the rails from speechwriter Jon Favreau and Strategy and Communications Advisor Dan Pfeiffer.” — Paul Katz, Head of Brand Partnerships at Flipboard

“Just a Little Nicer” on NPR
“Just a Little Nicer will get you thinking about compassion.” — Jay Patel, Photographer, Jay Patel Photography

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