Five ways to get your kitchen in shape!

Healthy kitchen = healthy you.

Wondering how to eat healthy, but still keep eating the things you love? Well, you’re in the right place. Ok, not really.

Here are six ways to make your kitchen do the work, while you lose the weight.

1. Cut down the sugar. Retain the sweetness.

Most of us have a sweet-tooth and love our mithais just for that. But there are foods naturally rich in sweetness minus the sugar — like fresh juices and fruits. One tall glass of juice everyday keeps the health in check and gives you your daily sugar fix.

What you’ll need: Fresh supply of fruits + A juicer + An unshakeable will to not skip breakfast.

2. Air-fry your French fry.

Switch from tawa frying to Air fryers. They don’t use oil and you can make loads of stuff in them. Same great taste. No added calories. #Win.

3. Grill your food, not your health.

Grilling > Frying. Grilling > Shallow-frying.

Grilling > Toasting.

Give grilling a chance and you’ll see that your food tastes great and it’s way healthier. It keeps both, the nutrition and the taste intact. No arguments here.

4. “Just steamed” tastes just as great!

Common notion is that ‘steaming’ your veggies is the first step in the process of cooking. But if you’ve got a good food steamer, steaming is not the first step but the whole process in itself. Go on, cook that delicious meal with no oil.

5. You’ll knead a Roti maker. Trust us.
 Switched to wheat? Good choice. Still using oil for the rotis? Bad choice.

Just knead the dough, maybe with a food processor, and the roti maker will take care of those fluffy rotis. And did we mention that it requires no oil?

There you have it. On a scale of 1–10 how surprised are you by how simple staying healthy is? We’d say about 12. Your kitchen will echo the same feeling.

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