#FlipkartForYourFirst Trip To Thailand

Planning a trip to Thailand? Confused about what to wear, what to carry, and even what to ask?

Don’t worry, here are 12 essentials you need to #FlipkartForYourFirst trip to Thailand, to make it epic and unforgettable.

Right from sunglasses and flip-flops to aloe vera gel, portable chargers and even travel guides, Flipkart has you covered and prepared for everything the country has to offer!

Be Beach Beautiful


To wiggle your toes in the sand and wash them off just as easily!

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Beach Shorts

For both, the sun’s heat and the sea’s breeze.

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To drape when you’re tired of the heat or the cold.

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Be Sun Ready

Straw Hat

To protect your head from the burning Sun, and look cool while you’re at it.

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Don’t forget to protect your eyes!

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Because never, since the history of time, has a towel gone to waste on a trip.

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Aloe Vera Gel

To soothe your skin after a hot day at the beach, for bruises, and pretty much everything that can go wrong with your skin.

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Be Social

DSLR Camera

Time to pull out the secret weapon to popularity!

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Playing Cards

Nothing beats a game of bluff. ;)

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Selfie Stick

Be a part of every memory!

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Travel Speaker

Be the life of the party!

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Go Solo


Your ME time gets better with some good beats!

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Travel Torch

For when you’re flying solo in the night, and your phone’s torch just doesn’t make the cut.

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Be Oops Proof


Internet everywhere!

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Travel Pouch

To carry important papers on you, no matter where you are.

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Power Bank

To carry important papers on you, no matter where you are.

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Hard Drive

Make travel time more interesting with all your favourite shows and movies.

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Wireless Stick

Don’t be selfish with those selfies! Access extra storage from your phone, and share it wirelessly with your friends!

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USB Flashdrive

To seamlessly transfer data while you’re travelling.

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Micro SDHC Memory Card

Smile. Click. Change Memory card. Repeat.

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To Get Started…Get Inspired!

Travel Guide

Tailored just for the Indian traveller to Thailand.

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The Hangover Part 2 DVD

You know why this is here. If not, watch this movie!

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That’s it, you’re all set! Don’t forget to tell us how our list came in handy!