12 essentials for the first date!

We love first dates because you have one chance at making them amazing.

Whether it’s about how they will feel, how you look, or prospective second times — knowing that this could make or break the deal makes everything so much more special!

Breathe. Set aside the butterflies in your tummy for a minute — and let’s get on to the only aspect of your date that’s just as important as the date itself — getting ready! And trust us — we have that bit covered #likeAPro.

Presenting the 12 essentials for the perfect first date!

Wear the vibe!

Dress De-stress

Smooth, suave, pretty, playful — Pick the vibe you feel the most for date night!

Shirt up and do it

Some like it striped, some like it chequered, some like it plain. But shirts > t shirts make for weak knees!

Foot rules

Is it a walk-and-talk date, or a fancy dinner? Either way, follow your gut for the shoes!


“Bellies are not adorable.” — said no one ever. Go sweet on the feet with this pair!

A little bit o’ finesse

The mane man

Yes, girls love the beard, but let’s keep it from being unruly. A handy Beard trimmer solves for that! 


If you’re the kind whose hair has no predictable good or bad day, don’t let that affect your happy date. Keep handy a hair straightener that sets the smile straight!

Hair gel

Make sure it looks glam, and stays that way for your date night!


Spray on some tantalising perfume. Don’t risk the sweating, because you want to leave your date with a spotlessly perfect memory of the evening!

Up close and kissing

Lip Gloss

Tempting even in the dim light, and smooth to the touch — stay equipped with lip gloss to make that moment sweeeeeet.

Mouth Freshener

The last thing on your mind when you’re that close, that engrossed should be bad breath. Slip the chances away by slipping mouth freshener into your bag!

The accessories!


So that you make it on time!


Pretty is great. Prettier is better!


When your date can’t take their attention off your face, use the chance to whip out this gorgeous pair!


Whether it’s to keep your pants in place, or an accessory that just looks great, belts are always in vogue. So, why not on a date?

The bonus point

Capture the moment!

Carpe diem — but on this amazing instant camera! The best way to have a #Throwback pic ready!

Wearing the right clothes, the right accessories, and the right perfume is quite a task, but we’ll take care of that for you. All you gotta do is wear that smile and the right attitude, and this first date will be unforgettably amazing for you!