How to bake and be boss at it.

With the internet flooded with baking videos, tempting you to set foot into the world of baking– we thought we’d help you out! Here’s everything you need to make your baking experience unforgettable!

Prep time

Guidance from the experts never hurts. Kick-start with a little help:


From the tested and tried to the tasted and loved, it’s all in here.


From the time of Moses, we go by the instructions here.

Make it

Here’s where the cook book wants you to pay close attention.


Lets you look good while you get to the grind!

Chef’s hat

A hairband doesn’t always do the job, but a chef’s hat always makes a statement.

Kitchen timer

Because timing is of the essence when it comes to baking — from the number of minutes required in the oven to, to the number of seconds it takes to chomp it down!

Weighing scale & measuring spoons

The experts will concur — proportions and quantities maketh a baker.

Food processor

The mixing of ingredients takes a lot of time and strength. So unless you’re keen on bicep workouts in the kitchen, we recommend you get one of these!

Hand Blender and spatula

For the eggs-butter-flour blend, hand blenders and spatulas are not-so-surprisingly therapeutic.

Bake it

The baking part is a different ball-game. Here’s how to score.

Oven mits

You’ve put in too much hard work to let it be ruined by burnt fingers. Oven mits are the protection you need when up against the heat!

Cake and cup cake mould

For the big treats, and the little treats –having both handy will help.

Baking tray

The surface you’ll learn to love if you’re the cookie-baking kind!

Beautify it

This is what makes Instagram such a beautiful place.

Icing smoothener

Those smooth finishes you thought only Pinterest featured, are now in your kitchen.

Icing bag

You may not always have icing, but when you do, it’s gotta be fabulous. Use these neat bags.

Flaunt it

We’re expecting this to be more than just a kitchen-bound phase.

Laptop sleeve and cover

Let your hand-held electronics flaunt your love for baking.

Mobile cover

Phone cases and covers have always showcased your personality to the world. This time, be deliberately delicious.

Devour it

Absolutely the most important part of all baking ventures, is eating your work of art. Go ahead, take a bite/slice/piece — and welcome to the good, good world of baking.

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